Your Seven-Year-Old Might Be A Hoarder If…

Nothing makes it to Goodwill

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My seven-year-old granddaughter was helping me pack up boxes for Goodwill when she spotted my books.

Granddaughter: What are you going to do with these books?
Me: Donate them.
Granddaughter: I love to read. Can I have them?
Me: Of course!
Granddaughter: What’s this?
Me: A globe.
Granddaughter: I’ve always wanted a globe.
Me: You can take it home, then.
Granddaughter: Can I take this Christmas decoration home, too?
Me: Yes, you can have it.
Granddaughter: What’s this?
Me: A toaster oven.
Granddaughter: I don’t think my parents have a toaster oven.

Three hours later, I was glad her father came to get her in a pickup truck.

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