You are still lumping people under one umbrella. This is what I'm talking about. It's a dangerous thing, because instead of looking at people as individuals we view them as "groups," and therefore make it easier to stir up antipathy toward them all.

This has such dangerous precedents in so many different countries that begin viewing all members of a certain group as stupid, or criminals. If we're to be peacemakers instead of rabble rousers, we can't continue this sort of dialogue.

I, for one, am hoping the Biden administration will be a "peacemaker," bringing together the disparate parts of the country, even if I don't agree with their beliefs, so that we can live in greater harmony and understanding.

The demonization of entire groups must stop before we can do this. It's intellectually dishonest to think that only people from one group are at fault and that all people from one group think alike.

A great country doesn't pit people against each other. It seeks common ground and understanding. And great writers such as yourself, whose talent far exceeds mine, have an opportunity to be part of this effort.

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