Mama: Dinner’s ready. I’m trying out a new meat loaf recipe.

Sister: What else are we having?

Mama: Beans and mashed potatoes.

Me: I’m starved!

Mama: Don’t eat before we’ve had the blessing. John, say the blessing.

Me: Why does Daddy always say the blessing?

Mama: He’s the head of the house.

Sister: That doesn’t seem fair.

Mama: You always respect the man of the house.

Daddy: Thank the Lord for these beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat them the more you….like ‘em.

Mama: John!

Daddy: Okay, you’re right. I’ll say another blessing. Children children do your part. Eat these beans but don’t you…

Mama: That’s worse!

Daddy: Thank the Lord for this food, please bless it to the nourishment of our bodies, and for all the many, many blessings of this day, for the love of family, the good health you’ve blessed us with, the manifold nature of your goodness, the time you kept us safe when we were on our way to Raleigh and a truck came over in the other lane and…

Mama: John, the food will get cold before you finish blessing it.

Daddy: Okay, I’ll wrap it up. Rin Tin Tin, let’s all dig in.

Me: Can I have some more mashed potatoes?

Mama: Eat some meat loaf first.

Daddy: You got a little hot sauce?

Mama: Why do you always ask for something that’s not on the table?

Daddy: I’ll get it.

Daddy: Where is it? I’ve looked in the cabinets.

Mama: Why don’t you eat the meat loaf like it is? It’s got all the seasoning it needs.

Daddy: Okay, found it. Everything’s better with Tobasco sauce.

Mama: I can’t cook a thing that he doesn’t want to smother in Tobasco sauce.

Me: Do I have to eat my meat loaf?

Mama: If you want any dessert.

Daddy: This meat loaf tastes a little tainted, even with the Tobasco sauce.

Me: Mama, where are you going with the meat loaf?

Daddy: Did I just see our dinner fly out the door and across the yard?

Sister: I hear the cats fighting over it.

Me: Now can I have dessert?

Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs.

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