Those statements seem a little condescending on Fauci's part. We don't even have a vaccine and he's talking about resistance to it?

Every year I get a flu shot, only to hear a month or so later that it's about 30 percent effective. The coronavirus is supposed to be more similar to common cold and flu than to measles and smallpox and other diseases with highly successful and life-saving vaccines. Are we going to need a covid vaccine once a year because it changes, or will one time be enough? The public has many, many questions.

I also think people are a little cynical about drug companies and governments rushing to produce a vaccine without appropriate trials. Some of us remember our friends being paralyzed after getting a new swine flu shot back in the seventies. So I don't believe a measured approach to getting vaccination is as stupid and ignorant as Fauci seems to think when you consider the "science" behind it.

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