This is a wildly hysterical article as far as its assumption that demise of Roe Vs. Wade is a foregone conclusion. That is not going to happen. In the years following Roe Vs. Wade the Supreme Court has ruled against abortion restrictions in almost every instance. The court has never been trigger-happy about overturning long-standing rulings, and I don’t believe that will change.

On another note, when did Roe Vs. Wade become a racial issue? You reference “white people” in your article numerous times, but abortions actually disproportionately affect blacks. And if an article came out that referenced black men as frequently as your article references white men, the author of that article would definitely be characterized as racist. It weakens your argument to confuse the two issues, and it definitely weakens your article for you to conclude that no matter who is selected as a Supreme Court justice that Roe vs. Wade has as good as been overturned.

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