The Day I Found Out I Was Going Deaf

I was told I had an inherited condition

The problem wasn’t the phone. It was my ear

As usual, I was multitasking; making brownies and talking on the phone at the same time. Being left handed, I held the phone to my left ear. But in the middle of our conversation, I switched it to my right ear so I could stir batter with my left hand. I was startled to hear my friend clearly. The tunnel effect was gone.

A skeptical doctor and a diagnosis

My next step was to visit a doctor and tell him I thought I had otosclerosis. The doctor was skeptical. “It’s very rare. I’ve never seen a case of it,” he said. “Sometimes people experience a slight loss of hearing when they listen to music that’s too loud or when they don’t clean the wax out of their ears. Have you been listening to loud music?”

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