Thanks for tagging me Jon Scott! I’m truly honored to be included in a list of such esteemed colleagues. I have answered many questions here:

But just to address a few of your questions that might not appear in my previous answers:

In response to questions one and two, about who I really and truly am beneath the veneer of an older woman writing simple stories of humor and inspiration, I am an undercover agent with the FBI, sent on an assignment to ferret out Medium writers who are trying to influence our elections.

In response to your most intriguing second question, about being stranded in a sinking boat in shark infested waters with a bunch of scorpions, I would feed the scorpions to the sharks. This leads nicely into your question about my greatest regret in life, which is getting on a boat with a bunch of scorpions in the first place.

Would I kill Hitler if I went back in time and he was still an innocent lad hiking through mountains, but I was well aware of the monster he would become? Rather than shoot him on the spot, I would invite him for a boat ride, since my boat rides, in your scenarios, appear to be beset with sharks and scorpions.

Hope you have now gained greater insight into the REAL ME, who is only disguised as Beyonce because of my FBI gig.

Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs.

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