Thanks for reading and commenting, Albert! Yes, I know many atheists or agnotics who are wonderful, ethical people. My husband used to be one of them! But who decides on ethics and why do they get to decide? It seems if we all make up our own moral authority, then anyone else’s is just as valid as mine. Who gets to decide if murder is right or wrong if its for the common good? And who decides the common good?

And also, how can you say so definitely that this life is all there is? Do you know something that millions of other people who have lived or are living don’t know? Do you discount all testimony, all near death experiences and all tradition? I’m not saying everyone else is wrong and you’re right, and I’m not saying you’re wrong and so many other people are right. I can understand the agnostic stance. What do we really know for sure? But the atheist humanistic one seems so certain, precluding what other people have personally witnessed or believed. And I can’t really discount the personal experiences and testimonies of so many people. I know and admit I don’t know everything, but it seems to me that a similar admission is never forthcoming from the humanist.

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