Thanks for a thoughtful response, Sylvia. As I said, no one lands completely in one camp or the other. I believe Bernie and other liberals who look to Scandinavian economic and social justice models believe as you do that Capitalism needs major overhaul but not capitulation to Marxism.

Scandinavian countries consider themselves capitalist rather than socialist. On the other hand, countries that refer to themselves as socialist include Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and China. I'm just going here by the designations those countries ascribe to themselves, according to what I've researched. I would love for people from those countries to weigh in if their views differ. There is a lot of confusion these days about what constitutes socialism. Does it refer to capitalism with a broad safety net or complete government control of property and the means of production? Many differ in their definitions and I would like to hear more. Thanks for reading, my friend!

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