Some good advice here. As a teacher, my husband has tried to steer certain kids that don’t like school or studying toward trade careers that make good money, especially if the students seem to have a knack for things like that; i.e. electrician, etc. But then their parents swoop in and insist their children be given certain grades they didn’t earn or a chance to do extra work so they can get into the best universities.

A lot of colleges are having to offer remedial courses because of what the kids don’t learn in high school. Everything is getting watered down and a high school diploma doesn’t mean what it used to.

Student debt is huge, for sure. My children still owe, and they are in their thirties. My daughter in law joined the military in order to get her dental school paid for, and that worked out well. They paid for her to go to dental school provided she would serve for four years. Her four years as a dentist in the service was a valuable experience, and she sees that even more now that she’s out in the “real world.”

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