Prayer for An Autistic Child

Photo by D A V I D S O N L U N A on Unsplash

Thank you, Lord, for this precious child. Thank you for his sweetness, his uniqueness, and for all the potential You have blessed him with.

I pray, Lord, that you help us discover the key that will unlock his potential. Please continue each day to open his mind and heart to the outside world.

Awaken those areas of his brain that are not functioning as they should, and strengthen him in mind, body and spirit.

Bring him the gift of awareness, so that he can enjoy the wonderful gift of relationship with family, friends, and most of all, with You.

Bring the autistic child a good night’s sleep at night, so that he and his family can receive the restorative rest they need.

Help him to acquire an appetite for the foods and nutrients so essential to health and healing.

Grant his doctors, so baffled by this mysterious condition, direction in their recommendations and treatments. For the sake of autistic children everywhere, bring truth and clarity to the medical establishment concerning this illness. Guide and direct doctors and scientists in their search for a cure.

Continue to give the family wisdom, resources and guidance as they pursue treatment options. Help them to discern between those things that will help and those things that are a waste of time and money.

When a true healing path is available, give his family the will and stamina to persevere on this path. Fill them with strong faith that transforms anxiety about the future into joy that the future is in Your hands.

Let then delight in each day’s progress, no matter how small. Give them great joy that you have blessed them with this special child, and great trust in the breadth and depth of your love and healing power.

Please bring about this child’s complete healing. Whether that healing comes all at once or gradually, help the family to relish this journey of faith.

Surround them each day with love, joy, and the positive expectation that can only come from relationship with you.

I pray these things in the name of your son, Our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

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