One problem I have with this entire sordid story is the “Guilty until Proven Innocent” mentality that has begun to characterize liberals and conservatives alike. Maybe we are jaded by the sheer number of accusations that have, in fact, been true. But this particular case appears to be unprovable; one person’s word against another. And I have so many questions. Where were these accusers during the other 40 years of Roy Moore’s public life? He has always been an ultra conservative lightning rod, so why hasn’t anything come out before now, at election time? Do these kinds of allegations years after the fact do a major disservice to women who are sexually assaulted? Have we good reason to believe in this woman’s veracity? There is a kind of hysteria and disregard for the innocent until proven guilty presumption that reminds me of the Salem witch hunts. At least we don’t burn people at the stake any more.

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