Lauren, I certainly don’t believe climate change is a hoax. But I believe humans in the past have adapted to extreme climates, even managing to survive an ice age. Climate has always been in a state of flux, and oceans have both risen and receded over centuries. Also, many past predictions of climate catastrophes have failed to materialize.

A much bigger climate problem than the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the massive burning of Amazon forests, which is disrupting the ecosystem.

I appreciate your passion, but it’s not realistic to expect an entire world to cooperate, especially countries such as China, which contributes about 28 percent of the global total of plastic waste. They’re also major contributors to coals polution and are planning more coal plants.

The Clean Air Act for more than 45 years has cut pollution, which shows that measures like this can help. The things we can realistically work towards are implementing and maintaining clean air and ocean policies that are within our arena to affect, offering incentives where possible, but not expecting human nature to drastically change and suddenly embrace measures that go against a country’s own interests.

We must couple passion with realistic approaches, or there will be so much backlash that the entire effort backfire. Anyway, thanks for responding and hopefully we’ll both, along with many others, remain open to all arguments and solutions.

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