Killing Net Neutrality Ends Life as We Know It, Or Maybe Not

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Life as we know it just ended with the demise of net neutrality. Democracy itself is at risk, poverty will be exacerbated by an inability to access fundamental job services, education will suffer an irreparable blow leaving young minds lost in a sea of internet darkness, women will be marginalized and silenced and unable to find abortion providers while issues of racial justice become muted as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and National Cable and Telecommunications Association make their move to take over the country and the world.

We have been swept up in a sea of hysteria and hyperbole reminiscent of the Y2K frenzy, when people hoarded water in their basements because at the stroke of midnight all computers would cease functioning and the world would revert to Stone Age status.

We can all take a deep, collective breath and wait to see what happens as court challenges crop up, allowing ourselves to be comforted by the thought that Bill Clinton’s lighter approach to internet regulation prior to 2015 didn’t destroy the internet.

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