Good read, Joe, although as a believer in God I disagree. But I enjoy an open-minded discussion. “There is nothing new under the sun,” as Solomon said in that most depressing book of the Bible, Ecclesiastes, with “nothing new” including in every generation some who believe and some who don’t.

Since my husband was an atheist before becoming an believer and needed to be convinced through logic and scientific inquiry, he’s read all the best apologists. My own faith stems primarily from my own experience, which I don’t discount, from the historicity of the biblical texts, the experience of other believers, the fruits of true faith as lived out by those who have done great things against all human inclination, and from the absurdities inherent in an evolutionary (across species) explanation.

There are questions, of course. “Now we see through a glass dimly…” 1 Cor. 13:12 means I might not have those questions answered in this life. And since I can totally understand why people don’t believe (bad things happen, no scientific proof, etc.) I don’t subscribe to David’s words in Psalm 14:1 “The fool says in his heart there is no God.” I guess ultimately faith is a choice. But I encourage everyone to do their homework. Read the scriptures, look at the scientific evidence, see what the apologists say, talk to both believers and unbelievers and leave your heart and mind open to discovery.

Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs.

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