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I love hiking, waterfalls, woods, mountains and anything outdoors

Thank you Christy Waltz, Louise Foerster, Sarah Lofgren, Martine Weber and Robin Klammer for tagging me to write my top forty. I’ve loved reading yours along with the love lists of other writers I follow, so here goes:

  1. I love this group of writers who have bared their hearts through their wonderful, vulnerable stories. You are my support group and my inspiration.
  2. I love my family, my husband who is my forever best friend, my three children, twelve grandchildren, and an assortment of siblings and in-laws. And of course, Mama.
  3. Being acknowledged rather than ignored.
  4. Anything humorous. Make me laugh and you’ve made my day.
  5. The first cup of coffee of the morning, strong and black with a little something sweet on the side, like a scone with butter and jam.
  6. This country, despite its flaws. I want us to always be the land of the free and the home of the brave, a beacon of light to others; a place that nurtures opportunity, hope, freedom and everything else good and noble about the human spirit.
  7. When somebody smiles at me first.
  8. The deer that have taken up residence in my yard, especially when they watch me curiously but unafraid.
  9. The bluebirds, finches and cardinals that flutter round by bird feeder, bright splashes of color against a backdrop of winter brown.
  10. Downloading books to my phone. I know some people prefer the heft and feel of a real book, but I’m always thrilled at being able to download any book I want, instantly, and being able to read it when lights are off and everybody else is asleep.
  11. Traveling although I’m a terrible traveler. Strange foods cause my IBS to flare, strange beds and time changes give me insomnia, lack of access to toilets gives me uti’s, but in the past few years I’ve been to Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Egypt, Greece and maybe some more places I don’t remember. And loved them all.
  12. Fiction that has a universal message and leaves me better for having read it.
  13. Page turner fiction without any redeeming qualities except that it keeps me riveted and reading past midnight.
  14. A day that stretches before me without anything scheduled.
  15. Watching old movies while exercising on the elliptical. I just saw The Shawshank Redemption, The Titanic and a documentary on Shackleton’s Antarctica Expedition. This last one fascinated me and I wanted to watch it again, but now I’ve lost it.
  16. Music. All kinds. And dancing.
  17. Sunshine and being outside most of the day.
  18. Rain and being inside most of the day.
  19. Snow when it’s not too slippery or cold to be outside.
  20. My lake house, and the view of lake and trees and mountains that fills me with such inexpressable joy that there’s no way to contain it so I have to write about it.
  21. A cappuccino, or latte, or chocolate mocha.
  22. Writing full time.
  23. Somebody else’s cooking.
  24. Winter, with heavy comforters, snuggly sweaters, fireplaces and Christmas.
  25. Spring with its sudden promise of renewal.
  26. Summer with long, languid days, boating, swimming, and a feeling of freedom whether real or imagined.
  27. Fall when it starts all over again.
  28. Anything chocolate. Pasta. Bread and olive oil. Gyros.
  29. Unexpected good news about health or money.
  30. Being old enough not to care too much what people think, not to be overly ambitious, and to know that every day is a precious, fleeting gift.
  31. Medium.
  32. Solitude.
  33. Time with friends.
  34. Hiking.
  35. Kayaking.
  36. Good hair days.
  37. Being completely, utterly happy for no reason whatsoever.
  38. Having one of my kids call or text me for no reason whatsoever.
  39. When my husband says any of the following: You’re cute, you’re fun, I love you, I’ll load the dishwasher, can I get you more coffee.
  40. The hope and joy I experience through knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ lives and forgives and loves each and every one of us with an everlasting love and promise of eternal life.

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Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs.

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