A Foolproof Way to Succeed on Medium

Because that’s what we all want, right?

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Here is my foolproof guide for succeeding on Medium. Follow it and you, too, can realize your dreams.

First and foremost, write about Medium!

All the time.

Here are some suggested topics to jump-start your success:

  1. How I made $10,000 a month on Medium.

2. How to get curated every single time. (Don’t mention it if you’re not making $10,000 a month or if you’ve never been curated. That is irrelevant!)

3. My first month on Medium. (Followed by my first six months on Medium, and so on.)

4. How I became a Medium Rock Star (okay, it’s clickbait, it didn’t really happen. But it works!).

5. How to get followers on Medium.

6. Why followers don’t matter on Medium.

7. How to get curated. (You say I already mentioned this one? No problem. Write about it once a week).

8. How I made $1,559.25 on one Medium story.

9. How I beat the Medium algorithm. (Wait a minute. Is that Al Gorithm? Never mind. You don’t have to understand it. Just write about it).

10. How I got over my Medium addiction (and did something else for an hour).

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