A Few Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Drawing of me by my granddaughter Eliza

Since I’ve been tagged for the Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me challenge, I’ve tried to come up with some things I haven’t already told you in my “Mama” stories. So whether you want to know them or not, here goes:

  1. I used to love writing poetry and published my first poem when I was 13. The magazine paid me one dollar, which I wanted to spend and which my mother promptly framed.
  2. When I was in my twenties I was the editor of a small-town weekly newspaper, which meant I wrote most of the paper and did all the photography. After publishing an investigative report of the police department that got my friend the police chief fired, several other papers around the state asked me to work for them. But I found out I didn’t have the stomach for journalism and unearthing dirt on people that got my friends fired for the sake of a good story, so I quit and went to work as a flight attendant. I never worked as a newspaper reporter again.
  3. I got a job as an extra in the movie The Blues Brothers and was able to glimpse my favorite Saturday Night Live people, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. I’ve always loved all kinds of humor.
  4. I’ve got 10 grandchildren, but I still look young because I was a child bride promised in an arranged marriage at 7 years old until I came of age to marry at 12 since that’s the way we do things in the South. Only one part of this statement is true.
  5. I don’t go to doctors unless I absolutely have to. Period.
  6. My real name is so unusual I bet you a thousand dollars (not really) that you’ve never heard it.
  7. I’m a Christian, but I believe God answers the prayers of my Muslim friends and people of other faiths across the world. The Bible tells me God doesn’t look at the outside of a person but on the inside, which means to me that he doesn’t look as much at our outward profession of faith as he does at the condition of our heart.
  8. I had a pony when I was 12 years old. I decorated her for Christmas with ribbons and bells, hitched her to a pony cart and rode in our town’s Christmas parade. My pony was so nervous that she had the runs the whole time, which embarrassed me and scarred me for life. Well maybe not for life because lots worse things have happened, but I was mortified when we rode past the college and the good looking college boys laughed and cheered.
  9. I love being outside doing anything that involves being outside. I walk and walk and walk a lot, have hiked in Greece and Ireland, through the foothills and the Appalachian trail and all over my own neighborhood. I like kayaking, swimming and mowing the grass, too.
  10. My real name is Breattie.

I think we’re supposed to tag some more people to take up this challenge, and most of the writers I know have already been tagged. But if you haven’t, I’d like to hear 10 things about: Sarah Lofgren Chris Drew John C. Gyorki Tonya S. Ware Joe Váradi Jessica Wildfire Violet Escalera Nicole Cayer Mark Starlin and Nicole Akers.

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