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150 words or less

photo by Bebe Nicholson

Sometimes Georgia goes an entire winter without snow, but yesterday dropping temperatures and heavy clouds converged to feather us in a transient dusting that silenced city clamor and lured me outside to muffled whiteness and solitude.

150 words or less

An amazing story of the power of forgiveness

Winner best feature film Christian Worldview Film Festival 2021: Photo Wikimedia SabinaMovie.Com

Sabina just wanted to have fun. But when her husband developed Tuberculosis, her life turned upside down. She was devastated not because he was sick, but because he converted to Christianity.

They were atheist Jews. How could this happen? Jesus’s talk of loving your enemies was ridiculous. Yet eventually she…

You will instantly be labeled a Trump supporter, which is worse than being called a Karen

Photo by Alexander Dummer from Pexels

Did you realize your boring comments, dredged up for the purpose of making polite but dull conversation, are now off limits?

You most likely have a reservoir of innocuous sentences you’ve used for ages, allowing you to navigate the pitfalls of human interaction without pushing anybody’s buttons.

But in case…

New Year Satire

A letter to the people I encountered on New Year’s Day

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions for three reasons. I won’t keep them, Covid rendered my 2020 resolutions obsolete, and I’ve gotten lazy.

But I realized on my morning walk that you have made yours. Not only have you resolved to retain your last year’s habits. You’ve decided to cling…

Bebe Nicholson

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