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In five miles of walking and talking, we covered a wide range of topics

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My partner and I used to talk about serious stuff, like how my manager at work never appreciated my hard work and how his school administration never supported teachers. You know, all those pre-retirement conversations.

Since those days, we’ve both retired. And not only that. There’s a pandemic. So we don’t talk to friends or go to work or plan trips or do any of the other things we did before Covid-19 isolated us and gave us this valuable bonding time together.

Maybe you’re wondering, Without work, kids, friends, or activities, what is there to talk about?

You’d be surprised! There is so much conversational fodder that you need never run out of topics when you have access to CNN, Fox News, Twitter and Hulu. …


I won’t get the Big Head any time soon

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An incentive is defined as anything designed to reward peak performance, to let you know you’re special, and to motivate people to keep up the good work. Incentives are a motivational “carrot,” if you will. (taken from How Employee Incentives Work by Tristin Hopper)

With this definition in mind, I looked with delight at the new incentives Medium has rolled out to keep me motivated and inspired to keep churning out stories. Because they want us to stick around, right? When you’re selling a product, don’t you want more customers?

The first thing I noticed was the incentive of curation. It’s gone. No more emails popping up to tell me that because of the quality of my writing, my story will be distributed in topics. …

A true story of a mysterious encounter

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Maybe there is more to the spiritual world than we realize.

My friend Arnelle was a no-nonsense person. Always pragmatic, she considered herself too down-to-earth to believe in angels. But after what happened to her daughter and grandson on a dark, moonless October night, she was no longer so sure. This is her story as she told it to me:

Arnelle’s daughter woke suddenly, around 1 a.m., jolted from sleep by the dreaded phone call no mother wants to receive. The caller was her son, John.

“I’ve been in a wreck and my car crashed. …

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